About Us

Radical Ray Publishing was founded in July 1982, whose primary business is the production of comic publications (titles) and merchandise (t-shirts, compact discs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, posters, coloring books, etc.) and other merchandise items relating to the recording and graphic artists signed to Rad Ray Publishing.

The Ricky Ray Pope Show is "Rad Ray" Terrell and Ricky Cratty. Rad Ray wrote and produced rock music with the Atlanta, Georgia band MX throughout the 1980s and 1990s. MX released 8 albums and a comic book called "MX Superhero" which can be found here on our website.

The WatchRicky Cratty is his nephew who produced hip-hop rap. They recently joined forces to produce a fusion of alternative rock and folk rap on their first album entitled "The Ricky Ray Pope Show". They were related by the family name Pope, and since they had this in common it became part of the group's name. Ray plays guitar, vocals and bass and Ricky plays keyboards percussion and rap vocals.

Their music is about the struggles people encounter in this modern age and speaks about the things that are important to them like family, friends and modern problems. We hope you will enjoy their music and share it with others. Videos can be found on YouTube and on our website.