MX at Rose Hill Cemetery

MX circa 1986

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MX was started in Macon, Georgia on July 10, 1982 with original members Wally Peacock, Rad Ray Terrell & Alan Carden. The group later relocated to Atlanta, and in 1986, with Michael S, Sam Couch, Cris Cook, Khis Madsen, & Rad Ray Terrell, released the album Rockz recorded at Transmedia Studios. In 1988 the band released the the album Your Parents are Aliens Tw2 with Mike Allen, Mitch Lee, Goody Khashayari, Richard Dobbs and Rad Ray Terrell, and then relocated to Los Angeles to finish the album and tour. In 1991, the band returned to Atlanta and started recording the MX Superhero album and MX Superhero Comic Book Series with Detlef von Kalben, Michael Allen, Scotty Burns and Rad Ray Terrell. Take Me to Your Leader was released in 1994, followed by Rage in 1996 with Dan Marshell, Detlef von Kalben and Rad Ray Terrell. Collection was released in 1997, and was a special edition of previously released material on vinyl for collectors. Saiten und Dinge was released 1998. Gone Snipe Huntin' 2000 with Kristopher Von Terrell, Kris Madsen, Detlef Von Kalben, Mike Allen, Melle D & Tanya. Come to the Trough was recorded 2001 (compilation) included: Find A Way, Romeos Bleeding.

MX has 8 cd's and a full color comic pub entitled MX the Superhero Series. Radical Ray Publishing is a Georgia corporation founded in July 1982 whose primary business is the production of comic publications (titles) and merchandise (t-shirts, compact discs, audio cassettes, video cassettes, posters, coloring books, 'etc.) and other merchandise items relating to the recording and/or graphic artists signed to Radical Ray Publishing.

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Saiten Und Dinge

Your Parents are Aliens Tw2

MX Superhero


Take Me Two Your Leader


Gone Snipe Huntin'

MX 1996

MX in Atlanta circa 1996

MX 1989


Rad Ray Scotty Burns

Rad Ray Terrell

(Bass & Vocals)

"Scotty B" Burns

(Guitars & Vocals)

Mike Allen Detlef Von Kalben
Mike Allen (Vocals)

Detlef Von Kalben

(Drums & Percussion)

Richard Dobbs Goody Khashayari
Richard Dobbs (guitar) Goody Khashayari
Kristopher Von Terrell

Kristopher Von Terrell

(Drums & Percussion)

In Memorium


  • Chris Cook
  • Michael S.
  • Sam Couch (guitars, vocals)
  • Melle D (vocals & rhythm samples).
  • Dan Marshell
  • Kris Madsen
  • Tanya
  • Alan Carden
  • Wally Peacock
  • Jari Kokko
  • Guillermo Germ
  • Mitch Lee Dooley
  • Keith Darady
  • David Zimmerman



"Come to the Trough"



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